The Road of my Dream

Children Overcoming Conflict & Displacement through the Arts We started the activity by showing the five colors – red, yellow, blue, brown and white. We explained that many other colors can be found out when these five colors mix with each other through water. We continued to explain “less is more” by giving the example: There was no green in the five colors we provided. If we provided green, all the children would just use this one green. However, there is not just one green in nature. By mixing the provided blue and yellow, the children would have the possibilities to find various green and there would be many beautiful greens in the class. This explanation made the children interested and made them want to try to find their own colors. Then we encouraged the children to paint the whole piece of paper with the fabric and the colors.

When the paper was covered by colors, we showed the children how to make a line with the brush, and explained that this line is the road of dream. It was the first time for the children to paint with brush and fabric. That was the reason why we suggested painting the line as the first basic step of using the brush. The children worked very hard and all expressed that they would like to paint more in this way in future.